07 Aug

Sarabande Station

Station's log, 09:00, 1 July 2214
Status: all systems optimal

- 12 resident life forms detected
- 6 transient life forms detected

Medical facilities access requested
Access granted
Medical systems online
Patients logged into medical facility: 2
Status: both critical
Medical personnel on duty: 1 (transient)

Emergency transmission received
Ship distress signal identified
Notification forwarded to station personnel
Awaiting emergency ship dispatch...
Awaiting emergency ship dispatch...
Awaiting emergency ship dispatch...

Docking request received
Docking authorised
Docking ship ident confirmed: Starwalker, scout class

Cerces black hole monitoring: progressing
Black hole status: minor fluctuations detected
Logging statistics to file

Ship distress signal received
Classification: repeat signal
Distressed ship ident confirmed: Celestial Strider, scout class
Awaiting emergency ship dispatch...
Station personnel currently unavailable
Emergency ships currently offline
Backups unavailable
Hold signal transmitted

Ship docking complete
Dock 13-A occupied
Additional transient life form detected
Transient population amended: 7 life forms

Sending status update to station supervisor...
Status transmitted

Ship distress signal received
Classification: repeat signal
Hold signal transmitted...
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12 Responses to “Sarabande Station”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Hello everyone!

    This wasn’t quite the start to Book 4 that I had in mind. The hiatus has been a bit crazy and I’ve been sick for the past couple of weeks.

    Rather than put up a sub-standard post or extend the hiatus for another week or two, I decided to go for a bit of an insight into the station that the Starwalker is docked with at the moment. Some hints perhaps at the stuff to come.

    Starry will be back next week! Hope you’ll all join me then.

  2. finbikkifin Says:

    Nice coincidence – this is the first post I’ve read via RSS, after binge-reading the first three books over the weekend. I’ll definitely be staying!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Hi finbikkifin! Welcome. 🙂 Glad to hear you’ll be staying with us. Lots more Starry fun to come.

  4. mjkj Says:

    Yayyy update 😀

    *looking forward to more of Starry*


  5. Kunama Says:


    … dunnn dunnnnn dunnnnnnn… 12 residents but none are available to respond to a distress call… IT’S HAUNTED, RUN WHILE YOU CA- *gurgle*

    FYI there’s some very minor weirdness going on with text not wrapping properly. Dunno if it’s because of my tiny phone screen, monospaced typeface or something else entirely. The last letters of ‘scout’, ‘detected’ and ‘Strider’ were cut off.
    I guess keep the sentences at this length and I won’t have to copy paste to a Notes app or something to read.

  6. LoreSpydir Says:

    It’s back =)
    Interesting seeing a non-Starry version of the status log.

  7. Melanie Says:

    mjkj – thanks! It’s good to be back. 🙂

    Kunama – hee, you made me giggle.
    With the text – yes, this particular font is a non-wrapping one. I try to keep the sentences short, but I’ll keep the smaller screens in mind next time!

    LoreSpydir – hi and welcome! And yes, this is what a proper AI log should look like. 😉

  8. thomas Says:

    Great to see you’re back.

    So the station already has a personality living in the computer and Celestial Strider did not get destroyed. I wonder if Starry ever thought about babies. Looks like she may have two very soon.

  9. Marcus Says:

    Welcome back. Hate to hear you were sick during the hiatus, that’s as bad as catching something over a school break.
    *returning to lurking*

  10. Melanie Says:

    thomas – Starry with babies. Uh oh!

    Marcus – thanks! Glad to be back. Just typical that I’d get sick on a holiday, huh?

    Here, have a cushion for your lurking. 🙂

  11. Francisco Says:

    I wish I knew about this update earlier. Unfortunately, I was in hospital when it was published.

    I was wondering where the reference to 12 life signs came from.

  12. Melanie Says:

    Now you know, Francisco! 🙂 Hope you’re doing all right after your hospital stay and are feeling better soon.