Book 3: Repercussions (Complete)

The third book of Starwalker is complete! Here’s the path of our intrepid ship and her crew:

3.1 Causality

What events led to the creation of the Star Step project? How did the Starwalker come to be chased by pirates? Who is really behind all those pursuing Starry and her friends? When the crew and ship learn the truth, the consequences are disastrous.

3.2 Balance

Rocked by the discoveries of the previous chapter, the crew must decide what to do next. The Step drive has caused unforeseen damage, so they formulate a plan to try to mend it. But the damage has been done in Earth’s system, and can they fix things in time to save humanity’s home planet?

3.3 Logical Measures

The battle to save Earth is lost and the Starwalker is forced to leave the clean-up to bigger ships. With Terra Sol healed as much as they can manage, the ship and her crew make the decision to take the fight to the company that built the project. Logic dictates some drastic measures for the little ship, including the removal of those who seek to betray them.

3.4 Battle Ready

Piece by piece, the Starwalker prepares for the upcoming war with the parent company, Is-Tech. All of them must be ready for what is to come; fitting new weapons is only part of the job.

3.5 Orphan

It’s finally time to take on Is-Tech. There are battles ahead for the ship and her crew, and the chances of them all coming out of it in one piece look slim…

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