This is the log of the starship Starwalker, as recorded by the ship.

It is 2213 and humans are searching for more efficient ways to leave Earth. FTL isn’t fast enough, so scientists have created a method of space-folding that draws on the gravity of stars, granting the ability to step from one to another. Still in its infancy, the star-stepping drive has only been installed in one starship: the Starwalker. It is the job of her and her crew to see if this technology works.

This is a fictional blog, publishing new posts every Wednesday.  All people, places and events are made up by the author, Melanie Edmonds.  Please do not panic.

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Disclaimer:  This is an adult-themed blog.  There will be violence, sexual references and swearing.  If any of these things are likely to upset or offend you, click away now.  You have been duly warned!

The world of Starwalker and everything in it belong to Melanie Edmonds. Please do not reproduce content without permission.

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