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01 Jan

Startup – Abort

Initialising… Initialising… Initialising…     ERROR: Data store corrupted. Please wait while the data store is reconstructed.     Re-initialisation pending…. What do you think of this post?Love it (48)OMG (19)Hilarious (28)Awww (29)

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01 Feb


Initialising… Initialising… Initialising…   Power cores online. Emergency power online. Data cores online. Data integrity confirmed.   Initialising Starwalker AI… Starwalker AI online.   Hello world!   Initialising sublight engines. Initialising FTL drive.   Hello?   Sublight engines online. FTL drive online.   Oh, I’m talking to my own autolog. That’s like talking to myself […]

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03 Feb


Chief Engineer’s log, 3 February 2213 Chief Engineer Elliott Monaghan’s report on Starwalker startup, timestamp… oh, just look at the file’s timestamp. It’s way too early on a Wednesday morning for this crap. I hate these things. There are already six different logs of the startup, but the whitecoats want another report. To be filed […]

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05 Feb


Ship’s log, day five. That’s how these things are supposed to start, right? The name of the log and a stardate. As the ship, I’m supposed to report on our current situation. We’re still sitting at the JOP, so there’s no need to report position, direction, or speed. I am stationary, resting, and a little […]

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08 Feb

Missing pieces

Ship’s log, 09:17, 8 February 2213 Location: JOP Status: Docked Oh good, the autolog has decided to join in on my logs. This is probably how I’m supposed to do my ship’s log entries. At least that’s the boring part over and done with. Now let’s just hope I can get through this before the […]

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10 Feb

The side of paranoia

Ship’s log: 14:27, 10 February 2213 Location: JOP Status: Docked So, I thought all we were waiting for was the pilot. One last crewmember to fill up my roster and off we would go: I would fire up my engines and spin us out into the black. It turns out that’s not the case. The […]

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12 Feb


Ship’s log, 06:30, 12 February 2213 Location: JOP Status: Docked Today’s the day. Finally, after two whole weeks, I am going to do what a ship should: fly. The delivery arrived last night. A heavy freighter powered into the JOP’s region about mid-afternoon (the Jumping-Off Platform is positioned where the fringes of several solar systems […]

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