The home of the human race, from which all other colonies spring.

Moonbase, Earth

Main docking station for Earth, transferring goods and people from interstellar ships to atmosphere-capable shuttles.

Jumping-Off Platform (JOP)

Central hub for the colonies. Refuelling and trading space station located between star systems at a nexus of FTL corridors. Also the home of the Judiciary.

Broken Hill

Mining colony located in an asteroid field. One of the main recipients of the colonies’ prisoner population; the mining is conducted by professional miners and convicts. Produces processed metal and some machinery.


Planet-based colony located where the first ‘organic’ metal was discovered. Main producer of cybernetic implants and prosthetics, which are built using the organic metal.

Feras (Factory for Electronics, Robotics, Artificials, and Starships)

Planet construct that houses the main factories of the Isasimo Technology corporation. Produces starships, electronics, robots, and complex computer systems.


Planet-based colony specialising in genetic research. Covers plants, animals, and humans.

Panispila Mundi

Agricultural colony, established to produce food and related byproducts. One of the first colonies to be created using the JOP.

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