13 May

Author’s Note: end in sight?

As most of you know, we’re rapidly approaching the end of Starwalker Book 3. Just a few posts to go!

Books 1 to 3 represent the original storyline that I planned out in the depths of 2009. The names of the books are general descriptions of the phases of the story and the evolution of our beloved ship and her crew. This is where I knew I wanted the tale to go.

Now comes the question: what next? Do we have to say goodbye to Starry, Elliott, and all the others?

No. There is more to come, beyond the initial trilogy. Starwalker will not end with the third book!

I have a couple of storylines in mind, questions that have yet to be answered and new ideas to slide into the mix. I have new places to take these characters as they fly about this world. I also have a whole list of shorts to complete.

I am planning to take a hiatus once Book 3 is complete, but don’t fear. Starwalker will be back, with brand new adventures for you all. I hope you stay with us for the ride!

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3 Responses to “Author’s Note: end in sight?”

  1. mjkj Says:

    😮 Wow, I am looking forward to all of that (with the exception of the hiatus that is…) 😉


  2. Francisco Says:

    I feel mixed: Part of me is eagerly looking forward to the end of the story and another part of me doesn’t want the story to end.

  3. Marcus Says:

    Mix emotions here also. Knowing the story will end, but still continue is at least better than the number of stories I’ve read that were never finished.