25 Feb

Author’s Note: Starwalker spreading through the internets

(Cross-posted from my writing blog.)

It’s no secret that I adore my readers. It is in part because of how much time they spend on my work, and today I’m delighted to share some of their effort with you.

Thanks to one of my lovely readers, Francisco, Starwalker has joined the illustrious maze of information on TV Tropes. Starwalker has its own page and a bunch of links to the tropes that it features (and lots of spoilers, but it’s okay, they’re hidden behind spoiler filters).

It’s so exciting! It’s like seeing my story on someone’s bookshelf, like it is becoming a legitimate piece of (webby) literature. It feels like a step towards Making It.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Starwalker also has its own wiki! The wonderful Lianamir set this up and seeded it with information. (I meant to share this aaaaaages ago when Lianamir first shared it with me – and I thought I had – but apparently it slipped past my mental radar. Sorry, Lianamir! I’m late but I get there eventually.)

Everyone now needs to go check these things out and update them with all the fun info and links that you think are relevant. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Francisco and Lianamir.

I shall now return to my corner and squee quietly to myself, while petting the internet. It loves me too.

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One Response to “Author’s Note: Starwalker spreading through the internets”

  1. Francsico Says:

    Another sign that the story has taken off is that I’m not the only person to have edited the Starwalker entry.