19 May

Author’s Note: Apologies

I dropped the ball last week. I was working away on the post, battling various distractions and impediments, and it was always so close. If I could just get a couple of hours here, or there, it would be done.

But it wasn’t. I apologise for that, and for not letting you guys know earlier. (As it turns out, I wound up calling in sick to work on Friday; it was one of those weeks (and weekends).)

I hate disappointing you guys; you are awesome readers and you all deserve better. The story is in a particular place that requires some logistical juggling, and I’m determined to get it all coming together in the right way. You guys deserve the best story I can make for you. I’m going to work hard to get back on track and make sure the next post is ready and up on time this week.

Love to you all.


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7 Responses to “Author’s Note: Apologies”

  1. Gryffon2 Says:

    The story, while we luv it, comes second to real life and your health. We’ll be here waiting with baited breath or was that bait breath? Either way we’ll be here! :p

  2. Osolodo Says:

    We can wait, stress is not conducive to good writing.
    Information has satiated my addiction where narrative was necessarily absent.
    Just be healthy. 🙂

  3. Nigel Says:

    Seconded: relax, regroup, recover; I for one would rather it be right than fast (don’t hurriedly write yourself into a corner), I’ll wait with bated breath (baited breath conjours imaged of the worst possible maggoty halitosis).

  4. Marcus Says:

    Take what ever time you need, we can happily lurk while we wait.

  5. Francisco Says:

    Waiting means more time to compose Starwalker fanfiction in my head (e.g. what will happen next). Of course, the feedback on those thoughts may be a little biased.

    Look after yourself and we look forward to reading the best version (i.e yours) of Starwalker.

  6. Targetdrone Says:

    don’t stress yourself out, as eager we are for a continuation, i think the quality of the story definitely warrants some waiting time…

    it’s nice though to let us know you are behind for one reason or another, because i allways feel concerned for your wellbeing when an update is delayed without comment 😉

  7. Melanie Says:

    Did I mention that you guys are the best? Well, you are. And I’ll keep saying it. 🙂

    Thank you. Your support is invaluable to me (for everything else, there’s Mastercard 😉 ).

    Gryffon2 – hee, bait breath. Makes me glad the internet cannot (yet) transmit scents.

    Osolodo – you’re so right; stress doesn’t help. It tends to make me more tired or flip into procrastination mode… stupid stress. Deep breath. All good.

    Nigel – I shall try not to write myself into a corner! I will have to keep Lang Lang from accidentally insulting the black hole, causing it to swallow the station, ship and all. Because there’s always that way out of any corner. 😉

    Marcus – thanks. I love my lurkers. 😀

    Francisco – ooo, fanfiction! Neat. I’d better not delay too long, or someone will start writing the next part for me, huh. 😉

    Targetdrone – thank you. 🙂 Yes, part of the reason I called this post ‘apology’ is that I left it so late to put up. I’m sorry I didn’t let you guys know earlier – you deserve better from me. You’re so awesome to me.

    I am kicking myself and working on doing better in future! Thanks, everyone. <3!